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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  May 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is 6:00 a.m., friday, may 26. >> good morning, everyone, we're following breaking news, a holiday trip sent dozens to the hospital when their tour bus crashed on the new jersey turnpike. >> breaking a gun fight in philadelphia, two people are wounded. >> the clouds are clearing and the sun is once again shining on
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the delaware and the lehigh valleys. accuweather looks ahead to the holiday forecast. >> speaking of which, let's check in with david murphy and matt pellman in for karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone we got hammered with rain overnight set a one day record with over two inches in philadelphia. storm tracker 6 live double scan a couple of sprinkles clearing the lehigh valley and a couple of more falling a part near baltimore. we're seeing the return of sunshine as you guys just mentioned. as we go through the day we're looking at a warmup, too, we're on or about 60 degrees and wind up up at 75. there's a chance of a spotty afternoon shower we don't see it on radar, but it's coming. and then comes the weekend, when i step inside we'll look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, a little bit of instability each and everyday, a positive change coming on sunday, i'll have the entire call for the shore and the poconos coming up. >> reporter: we have instability
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already this morning on the roads, david. crash in delco, northbound lanes of i-95 between ridley park and 420. looks like a single-vehicle accident looks like they are getting ready to tow away the car. traffic is sluggish coming northbound on i-95 away from the blue route. in old city, third street is blocked like it was yesterday morning because of the water department situation. stay on 5th and expect congestion there. milling work in east falls, it is bumpy ride and they didn't paint lines on the road, it is confusing on henry avenue stay on ridge nearby it. southbound on the boulevard extension south of ridge we have a broken down vehicle in the right lane heading toward the schuylkill expressway. you're getting to the left and things are slow approaching 76 on the southbound boulevard extension. northeast extension northbound north of quakertown overturned
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vehicle is gone, everything is reopened there. 55 is not open south of millville an accident involving a pedestrian, i'm not sthur what what -- sure what a pedestrian was doing on 55. all lanes blocked heading toward the shorepoints. stay local on delsea drive as the alternate. >> let's goat to -- get to the breaking news, a tractor-trailer and tour bus collided along the new jersey turnpike putting a dozen people in the hospital. crews uprighted the bus and tractor-trailer in the last hour. the accident led to the closure of the northbound lanes in west deptford for four hours. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes is live at the woolwich municipal buildings speaking with the passengers on the bus. >> reporter: we did speak with the passengers who were shaken up, thankfully nobody was
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killed. they shared the moments right before and after the crash. i want you to take a look at this video of the scene. this happened close to 1:00 a.m. this morning on the southbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike in west deptford near mile marker 19 involving a tour bus with 50 people on board and jackknifed tractor-trailer, the bus is on its side and the cab of the truck nearly detached ending up in the wood wood area off the road. 33 passengers were transported to the hospital. some of them had serious injuries. as you can see others were well enough to text and call their loved ones to let them know they were okay. this is inspira woodbury hospital. three ambulances took five people there and several other hospitals, as well. >> hear what the passengers had to say about the scary moments. >> it was happening so fast,
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the bus was traveling whatever speeds, you feel the tap you feel the hit, and somehow the second hit and all was just flying and everybody goes flying if you're on the right side you see the impact of it, everyone is flying from the left side down on you. >> as you can see "action news" was here as the passengers were boarded on to another bus to be reunited with their baggage. hopefully be taken to their final destination. some of them were heading to south carolina others were being taken to atlanta, georgia, but they are thankful they are okay. as far as the truck driver we are told he sustained minor injuries, he was questioned at the scene. we were told by passengers there was a heated exchange between some of the passengers and the truck driver. reporting live in woolwich township, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> thank you jennette.
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there's more breaking news just into the newsroom. two men were injured in a shootout in the port richmond section. it started with an argument and past 4:00 a.m. two men opened fire on a third man on the 1900 block of east clear field street. that man pulled out his own gun and shot them. the two who starting pointed the shooting are in critical and stable condition. police are holding all three menace suspects while investigators try to talk to witnesses. >> british police have arrested a 9th man in connection with the deadly concert attack in manchester. police carried out raids on the town where suicide bomber salman abedi lived. investigators are trying to piece together his travels and potential terror network. 16 of the 22 people killed in the bombing at the end of the concert have been identified many children and add -- add
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last. >> a woman who lost the bottom of her body in the buildings collapse in philadelphia. her injuries were so fear surgeons had to amputate everything below her hips. she had 30 operations and require 24 hour nursing care for the rest of the her life. are you getting ready to hit the road for a long weekend. we'll tell you what you can find when you gas up. maribel aber is live at time square. >> reporter: gas prices on the rise as we go into the memorial day weekend. philadelphia sits at 2.61. southern new jersey and delaware both rose to 2.35. aaa estimates 34 million americans are planning to hit the road this weekend an
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increase of 8,000 drivers over last year. stocks extended their win streak to a 6th straight day. reports on durable goods and consumer sentiment is due out today. general motors has been accused of cheating in admission tests as well. that is all for now. back to you guys. >> david it's unsettled at times it's hard to tell when it is. >> reporter: there's a chance of some showers coming up, but you have to keep your eye to the sky. the majority of the rain we had yesterday, boy it was a lot of of it all pushing over to new york state and new england, sky6 live hd we're seeing sunshine at the airport mixing with a few clouds, overall it's a clouds and sun mix today and
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getting milder later. for now we're starting out on the cool side. most of us in the upper 50s, philadelphia 59 degrees, not a lot of wind to start out. as we go through the day it will be breezy and milder. on the rain front there's the possibility in the afternoon hours in particular of a spotty shower popping up here or there, it's just brief for a few hours this afternoon you have a chance of that. in the afternoon we seeing drying in places and clearing. we're looking at spotty showers and drying most of the time nice high of 74. down the shore, sun and clouds, spotty shower in the afternoon, overall not bad high of 74. in philadelphia, high of 75 sun and clouds, spotty shower activity at times for a few hours this afternoon, winds a little bit breezy, 12 to 25 miles per hour. for the reds in philly. kick conclude off a three game series in the ballpark.
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72 with the first pitch. 10:00 p.m., 67 if you're heading out on the town in philadelphia dinner and movie something like that. overnight low clear skies winds easing back a little bit. as we push toward saturday there's a chance of an instability shower in the afternoon. in jen -- general look he at the in the several days there's the possibility of instability shower activity each day. in philadelphia, comfortable temperatures not too hot not too chilly, if you're heading to the shore a little on the cooler side. 60 degrees in the water, that's common fore memorial day weekend. saturday it looks like sun and clouds, 69 degrees, an afternoon or evening thundershower can't be ruled out. sunday, partly sunny skies, 67, showers late in the day or maybe not until evening.
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monday, 72, clouds and sun, afternoon thunderstorm possible there. empty -- in the poconos, 68 on saturday, 66 on sunday, 68 on monday, thundershowers these two days, sunday more shower activity later in the day or at night. seven day in philadelphia. 75 today. saturday, 76. mainly dry. sunday, sun to clouds, we'll characterize as late-day rain, originally i thought i wasn't going to get the phillies game in, i guess i'm going now. monday, some sun, spotty thunderstorm 76 is the high. you want to keep your eye to the sky on monday as is the case on saturday and sunday, not a total washout. 80 is the high on tuesday, spotty thunderstorms. upper 70s on wednesday and thursday. >> a police chase takes dramatic turn as the speeds past planes. >> it's a cap and you gown
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another high school senior will never take for grant. we have it if you believe it can happen story coming up. >> reporter: i-95 the disabled vehicle ridley park is gone. we have a major crash in south jersey when "action news" continues on this friday morning.
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it is the unofficial kickoff to the summer. 59 degrees, 6:14 a.m. it will get up summer-like 75 this afternoon. >> matt you had an interesting fact about trend on the friday before the memorial day. >> reporter: usually the morning commute is lighter than normal as people make for an extra long holiday weekend. around noon we'll see heavy traffic and lingerses until 6:00 p.m -- lingers until the 6:00 p.m. hour that's the trend we'll see if today holds true to that normal trend. boulevard extension southbound approaching the schuylkill expressway you can see the ramp to the westbound side of 76 is backed up because penndot just towed away the vehicle on to the ramp. they are trying to get it out of the way. it is heavy on the southbound side of one heading toward 76. we have a down pole from an earlier crash upper hanover
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township, kutztown road was blocked off as a result. more down wires shutting down bridge road 842. lucky hill can get you around that. 5 is blocked southbound -- 55 is blocked southbound of millville, stay on delsea drive to get around that accident. water has receded along brooklawn at 130. flooding in new castle blocking airport road commons boulevard gets you around that. the delaware memorial bridge to get to the jersey beaches this weekend, heads up the ramp from the southbound of 141 to go in order on 295 toward the bridge that's closed until next friday for construction. detour takes you to new castle airport and on to 13. kind of a mess in that area. a store owner decided to fight back on a pair of would-be
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robbers who tried to smash into his ohio convenience store to steal the atm. the store owner grabbed his gun and started shooting at the two men, the pair ended up running off empty handed. police are looking for them. a police chase in oklahoma made its way on to the airport tarmac. you can see the police follow the suspect in a stolen utility truck. he crashed into into a gate and made it on to the runway. the suspect was eventually caught after causing a deadly crash. he is expected in court later today. most doctors advice against too much screen time for young children as the travel season heats up, every parent expert agrees there's an expert to the rule. >> reporter: can have
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>> reporter: i'm nydia han with today's consumer tip if you're planning to hit the roads or fly with the kids this summer. i have a piece of advice dispense with the no scene time rule it is okay since i have a list of travel apps that are educational that work your kids brains and get their creative screwses -- juices flowing. for 5 to 8-year-olds there's astro cat solar system these enlinks to other great apps are at look for the latest consumer web extra. i'm nydia han. >> reporter: or you can say look out the window kids. >> or dad gets say indication elbow, the arm becomes 20 feet long for going into the back seat. >> it's roberta vinci -- row,
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row, row i don't boat. cars come along and it's easy to lose control if you hit a lake on the ramp. closures return to the vine next week. i know you've missed them, so they will be back next week. this morning there's a couple of delays on the regional rails. david. >> reporter: great, matt, okay, we're dressing the kids in jackets this morning, we have temperatures in the upper 50s across the region. this afternoon it's shorts and ts, there might be a spotty shower around the time they are coming home from school. most of you don't have to worry about that. 61 by 7:00. 75 is the high, again spotty showers for a few hours this afternoon. at the airport, all green aircraft no major delays. doesn't look like we got any rain in our travel destinations right now. happy travels to you stam, -- tm
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if you're heading out of town. startling death rates from alzheimers. cdc released a study that looked at cases between 1999 own 2014. there were increases during that span. the overall rise can be attributed to an aging population and more doctors recognizing and diagnose the symptoms. >> up next, the big surprise for a hard working high school senior who didn't think he would graduate. >> love this story. jennette reyes is following greating news in gloucester county and speaking with the victims of a tour bus crash on the new jersey turnpike. >> reporter: tam, more than 30 people were taken to the hospital. we talked to the passengers they share with us the scary moments before and after the crash coming up after the break.
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>> phillies host the cincinnati reds tonight. by the way they won, first win in a week. the hottest hitter came through twice yesterday. tommy joseph hit a tieing home run in the 7th and single win in the end. >> graduation season is in full swing him for a special education student in georgia it will be unforgettable. because he didn't think it was going to happen. >> oh, man, thank you.
6:27 am
>> you saved my life, i love you so much. >> i love you too. >> reporter: this is the moment that his teacher surprised him with his cam and gown and told him he had enough credits to graduate high school. his teacher helped tutor him during last semester she would meet him at parks and restaurants where it was convenient to getting together to make sure he understood the material. >> i want to be a better man teach kids to graduate and do better. >> he graduates tomorrow and said he is inspired to go to college. you want to see a super hero look at a teacher. thank you to all of them. >> 6:27 a.m. following breaking news, a tour bus crashed and overturned on the new jersey turnpike. >> we have complete coverage of the travel scare the tour bus flipping on its side including reaction on the victim and the emergency call for help. ♪
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>> breaking now on "action news," dozens are injured in a tour bus crash on the new jersey turnpike we're live with an update. >> chopper down, we're learning built pilot who was killed during a training exercise and his final moments of flight. >> new this morning, the special election stunner, a congressional candidate who raised a political ruckus by body slamming a reporter claims victory inspite of the scandal. >> good morning, everybody, friday, may 26 karen rogers is off, david and matt pellman are here. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, as you look at satellite, the rain showers and heavy downpours are pushing over new england. there could be a wrap around sprinkle or shower coming through in the afternoon hours during
6:31 am
holiday weekend forecast coming up from accuweather, it looks a little unsettled each of the holiday days, i'll run that down for you, none of the days looking like a washout. that's coming up. the extreme sogginess of yesterday is being replaced with sunshine. we're seeing sun glare out there, the good news the broken down vehicle we had approaching the schuylkill expressway is cleared out of the way. nearby they did more milling work in east falls along henry avenue. it's a bumpy ride through there this morning, they didn't paint a lot lines on the road, so it's confusing, too, you might want to stay on ridge avenue. slowing on the southbound side of betsy ross bridge into
6:32 am
girard. south street is blocked in old city because of water department issues. eastbound crash on the 30 bypass, at 322. stick with business 30 or stay on the turnpike instead. downed pole from the earlier crash upper hanover blocking kutztown road. church or 209 would be the alternates around that. luckily the crash that was closing the southbound side of 55 near 47 has cleared out. the lane are open there if you're heading down the shore early on 55. you can get by once again. tam? >> thank you matt. >> we're going to continue to follow the breaking news of dozens of people hitting the road from the holiday recovering from a close call on the tour bus. the coach overturned on the new jersey turnpike sending dozens of riders flying. the action cam was there in the southbound lanes at bus was towed away in west deptford
6:33 am
gloucester county. let's go live to jeanette reyes at the woolwich township municipal building with reaction from the victims. >> reporter: good morning, tam, many of the passengers are in the hospital. we talked to a few who didn't sustain serious injuries they were brought here, they were, of course, a bit shaken up and shared with us the terrifying moments before the crash and after. take a look at the images you can see this, this happened before 1:00 a.m. on the new jersey turnpike at mile marker 19. it involved a tour bus with 50 people on board. the bus was flipped on its side and the cab of the truck nearly detached and ended up on the wooded area off the road. 33 passengers were taken to area hospital. take a look at the images of some of the passengers being dropped off at the hospital in
6:34 am
woodbury. three ambulances transported five of them. some had serious injuries, others were well enough to call and text their loved ones to let them know they were okay. take a look at how the passengers described the terrifying moments. >> i was going to go to sleep and i had my neck thing on, which i lost that, and next thing i know i heard a hit and the bus started slipping and it flipped over and i fell on my back like this they were trying to help me up. >> other passengers? >> reporter: yes, some guy with a sheriff badge was helping us. >> i heard somebody say oh, no, oh, no, i heard a boom and then i felt like it was correcting direction and another boom and we started tipping. and then i started telling my sister who was next to me, relax your muscles, you know they say to do that, it was all really,
6:35 am
really slow. i had enough time to put my hands against the window so stuff wouldn't fall on her, you know what i mean. and then we just stayed there for a minute, once i felt like the window wasn't going to break, all right it's just a waiting game. >> reporter: and this happened before 5:00 a.m. as a bus came and picked up these passengers to reunite them with their baggage and hopefully get them to their final destination. some heading to south carolina others to georgia. no time frame given when they will depart from here. passengers said there was a heated exchange between the truck driver and the passengers after the crash. the truck driver we're told did not sustain serious injuries, he was questioned at the scene. reporting live in woolwich township, jeanette reyes channel 6 "action news." tam. >> we're hearing emergency calls for help in the moments
6:36 am
after the crash. here's part of the recording. >> new jersey turnpike southbound mile marker 19 a commercial vehicle crash, a tour bus and approximately 50 people on it that were overturned. police reporting 50 occupants on the tour bus. >> we'll continue to follow our breaking news throughout the morning. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused a medical helicopter to crash in new castle delaware. the chopper went down behind a post office before noon a mile away from the airport. the pilot michael murphy was killed. he was on a solo training flight and not causing any patients. some business people at the industrial park believe his actions were heroic. >> i think he was trying to avoid the buildings out here, he saved lives. >> ntsb said they will issue a
6:37 am
policemen report on the -- preliminary report on the crash in ten days and overall report in 18 months. chester county district attorney said barry baker violated his parol by failing to appear in court for domestic relations matter. baker has been charged with simple assault for the punching incident outside the 7-eleven on high street on may 10th. shoppers in south jersey need to be on the look out for a pair of pickpockets. this woman and man stole a wallet at a shop rite in west deptford on may 17. the woman distracted the victim while the man went into her pus. the credit cards were used at a target if anyone recognizes the woman call police. president trump is in sicily for the g7 summit. this is the president arriving at the summit about a half-hour
6:38 am
ago. the key issue is expected to be the paris climate accord. president trump is weighing whether or not to withdraw from the treaty. several leaders said a u.s. departure could undermine global and environmental efforts. rex tillerson told reportsers the president will wait to make the decision when he returns to washington. >> the investigation into any rubblian ties in the trump campaign has turned to jared kushner. fbi is investigating meetings that president trump son-in-law had with russian officials in december. fbi said he is not the target of the investigation and not accused of committing any crime. turning to david murphy to get the memorial day weekend forecast. >> reporter: it's unsettled each of the three holiday days, but none of them appear to be a washout. storm tracker 6 live show we are largely dry across the region. most of the rain heading off to new england.
6:39 am
as we look outside we have sky6 live hd showing a decent amount of sunshine over center city. some areas might be dealing with clouds, most of the clouds have really started to disburses over the last hour or so. temperatures 59 degrees in philadelphia. that's typical across the region. everybody close to 60. winds out of the west at 7 not all that strong, although it will get breezier as the day goes on. later today we're looking at the potential of a scattered afternoon sprinkle or shower. it will be brighter than what you're seeing here. here we go. we're looking at the shower activity just briefly for a few hours after the afternoon. as you see getting into 7:00 we're looking at, there we go, drying conditions and clearing later on. here the temperatures, 63 degrees by 8:00. 69 by 10:00. noon, 72 high of 75 at 3:00 p.m. >> reporter: in through here the possibility of a spotty shower. high temperatures, 74 in
6:40 am
allentown. 57 in philadelphia. 72 at the -- 75 if philadelphia. 72 at the shore. 7:00 p.m., 72. 10:00 p.m., 67 degrees, winds dieing down clearing and hopefully the physical examination office can get another win. they did win yesterday afternoon. saturday we get sun early as we go through the day, though, there's the possibility of a pop up afternoon or evening shower or maybe even a rumble of thunder that's not everywhere and not all day, but anytime after 3 or 4:00 p.m. i would keep my eyes out for that. generally speaking for the holiday weekend, no day is a washout, but there are instability thundershowers around, testers in philadelphia will be -- temperatures in philadelphia will be comfortable not too hot, not too chilly. 60 in the water, that's typical temperature for this time of the year in the ocean. on the beach 69 on saturday, sun to clouds, a spotty thundershower can't be ruled out. 67 degrees on sunday, sun and clouds.
6:41 am
sunday's showers may hold off until late in the day or evening. monday, 72 clouds and sun, spotty thunderstorm. pretty much the same story in the poconos 68 saturday, 68 saturday, 67 sunday. tomorrow, 76 sun and clouds, a spotty shower as you just saw. we'll characterize this as late rain, might hold off until the afternoon. monday, sun, 76 degrees again spotty afternoon thunderstorm i would encourage you to keep your eyes on the forecast as we go through the holiday weekend for any updates and changes. generally i think there's enough room to get fun in. tuesday up to 80 with a thunderstorm. there's matt pellman hi matt. we'll get back into the 70s on tuesday and wednesday. that was good. >> cameo pellman.
6:42 am
6:41 a.m., a victory speech and apology, the politician who body slams a reporter in a room. >> temperature causes an explosion inside a car. now we get to see matt again. >> reporter: checking out 42 traffic moving well, no normal northbound delay, heading southbound toward the shorepoints, i have a few heads up for you, when "action news" continues on this friday morning.
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a live look at philadelphia international, look we have an american eagle plane going by. get about three dozen cancellations at phl related may be to the overnight weather that came through, causing a backlog here and new york city and boss tone and newark liberty airport. be aware of that. >> a lot of people planning to hit the roads going somewhere for the holiday weekend. what does it look like now, matt. >> reporter: those hitting the 0 bypass will wish they didn't. a crash in the eastbound lanes near downingtown, head to business 30 or stay on the turnpike. 30 bypass a mess because of the accident. we've seen a lot of accidents probably in part because there's standing water from the downpours late last night. we've had flooding in south jersey, luckily we're hearing the water is receding along 130
6:46 am
in logan township and the brooklawn circle. earlier crash blocking 55 southbound, south of millville that's cleared out of the way. if you take 355 down the shore you're good to go. garden state parkway, here come the southbound cars there's a new bridge open over great egg harbor bay that's good news. the bad bridge news townsend inlet bridge is blocked for the holiday weekend. they were hoping to have it open, they don't. stick with the parkway or route 9 instead. they were working in the off season by the stone harbor street bridge. lafayette street bridge into cape may construction has wrapped up. >> greg gianforte has won
6:47 am
montana congressional seat after being charged with assault hours before the voters went to the polls. he was cited for a misdemeanor for assaulting an reporter wednesday night. he apologized for the incident during his acceptance speech last night. >> i took an action that i can't take back, i'm not proud of what happened, i should not have stoppedded in the way that i did, and for that i'm sorry. >> most of the ballots were cast during early voting before the incident made headlines. >> a burglary suspect in mississippi got hungry during his crime. he dropped down from the ceiling he cooked on the grill and put the food into to go containers. the restaurant manager said he broke a security monitor but didn't realize that the tape went back to the hard drive which stored the surveillance video. police have not made an arrest. >> time to see what's coming up
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6:50 am
on "good morning america." >> let's go live to the "g.m.a." studios, tam and i are ready for the memorial day weekend, is robin roberts ready?
6:51 am
>> reporter: ready and then some we're gearing up for the busiest travel weekend in decades. millions will hit the roads and take to the skies. weather rolled through the county canceling flights causing major delays. ahead the new development in the russian investigation president trump's son son-in-law and top advisor in the cross hairs of the fbi probe over alleged contacts with russian officials. fidget spinners raising concerns over small parts that could be dangerous for children. what to look for to keep your child safe. we don't conveyer it's raining -- we don't care it's raining, we'll roll along with our summer series, we're going cruising that's coming up on "g.m.a." have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. >> you too.
6:52 am
>> reporter: [laughter]. going to kmart. >> reporter: couple of things i want you to pick me up, crewing down the schuylkill expressway it's a little slow especially on the eastbound side by girard. five minute delay it will be busy throughout the weekend as people head to the zoo. a lot of people will be heading to the devon horse show extra traffic along route 30, lancaster avenue. >> reporter: 72 degrees by noon, the high 75. as we head through the afternoon hours there could be a spotty shower. tonight looks good, matt and tam. >> a can of hair spray exploded and smashed into a car windshield in portland, oregon. firefighters say the intense heat inside the car likely launched the can. most aerosol cans cannot sustain temperatures above 120 degrees.
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news, a tractor-trailer and tour bus collided on new jersey turnpike in west deptford township. it caused the bus to veer off the road and overturned in a wooded area. dozens were rushed to the hospital and expected to survive. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused
6:56 am
a medical helicopter to crash in new castle delaware. the chopper went down a mile from new castle airport killing the pilot. >> with wet roads and puddles remaining it's been a busy morning. the big accident on the 30 bypass eastbound past 322. only one of the two lanes is open. stick with business 30. we're watching a crash in lower moreland intersection of welsh road and walton road. >> reporter: mainly dry today, future tracker 6 shows we have a chance of a spotty shower rolling through. in the afternoon and evening we're drying and looks like a good time. this evening, starts out in the low 70s and gets into the upper 60s if you're heading to the ballpark across the region. enjoy yourself. the holiday weekend each day is unsettled with spotty shower or
6:57 am
thundershower there's enough room to have fun there. we want toss thank you the reason for memorial day to all the servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. for matt o'donnell, matt pellman, david murphy, i'm tamala edwards. now to "g.m.a."
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good morning, america. holiday travel alert. tens of millions on the move for memorial day as a dangerous storm moves in. severe weather taking aim at the middle of the country and moving toward the east coast. thousands of flights already canceled or delayed. these passengers tuck on the plane for hours. as the busiest travel weekend in more than a decade gets under way. our team is spread out across the country tracking it all for you this morning. also happening now, president trump meeting with the world's most powerful leaders and talking north korea. >> it's a big problem. it's a world problem. it will be solved. >> how is he being received and the president's shove seen around the world. also breaking his son-in-law and top adviser jared kushner now caught in the crosshairs of the russia investigation. the major


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